Nov 17, 2011

Rowe Family Portraits

These are my amazing parents. We had a great photo shoot and I tried not to share too many pictures because I don't want to ruin any Christmas cards.

My wonderful sister, Sandy. Absolutely beautiful, don't ya think:)

 Evie loves her Nana, no body else matters when Nana is around. She is glued to her hip, quite literally!

Here are all of us. Using a timer mode can be frustrating. I kept pressing the button then running to get into place.  We joked about just photo-shoping me in. I think we took around 10, it was so hard to get the all the kids looking when there was nobody to look at. Next year I will need to get someone else to take pictures of us.  But we love the picture and all the memories that go with it!

 My other half that God has blessed me with. He is the most amazing husband ever and my youngest son, Leo, who is so cuddly. This captures his personality completely, such a lover!

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