Jan 26, 2012

After School Photoshoot

A quick photoshoot after school today. I have been keeping up on my Project 366, but slacking on the posting my pictures online part. 

Jan 13, 2012

Senior Portraits in the Rain

I made her twirl! She has beautiful long red hair that if it were sunny I know it would glisten. Next time we will need to do a twirl shot in the setting sunlight.

We were going to do some portraits but here came the rain. We still went out and had some fun, but more formal ones will come later.

Jan 1, 2012

Cory and Ashlyn's Wedding (Part 1)

My Nephew got married this past Thanksgiving. I was honored to be their photographer. 
Here are a few pictures

All the groomsmen had socks made for them!

 The guys were so fun. Here is Ashlyn's little brother who was prompted by his dad to do this. We all laughed and I had to get this picture.