May 16, 2012

Ponte Winery Wedding

Bryan and Jeanette had a beautiful wedding and I feel so blessed to be able to capture their special day in pictures.
I have know the couple for a couple years as they attended bible study at our home. It was fun seeing the couple start to date and fall in love. The Lord Jesus has been the focus of their relationship and I love to see them devote their relationship to glorify Him.
Ponte Winery is a beautiful location for weddings and would love to go back to shoot another wedding there.  The grounds are so green and full of many lovely sites to take pictures.

This is their "First Look" prior to the wedding


Their big first kiss!!

They are so in love, it was so easy to take their pictures because they would naturally do perfect poses like these.

Again, the Winery has so many beautiful places to take photos it was hard to choose what to post.

I think the dipping kiss is one of my favorite wedding poses! So romantic.

Pastors can get Down!

Congratulations Bryan and Jeanette, Many blessings as you begin your family together!


  1. Yea!! Nice. I referred someone to you for June 23 since I already have a wedding. Hope they contacted you. :))